Virtual desktop manager with cool 3D effect


  • Gives you plenty of space
  • Great 3D interface
  • Efficient


  • Mouse control a bit awkward

Very good

Desktop real estate can become a problem if you use windows a lot. Deskspace is a slick, flashy tool that gives you six desktops you can flick between with a beautiful 3D cube interface.

This 14 day trial version doesn't have all the features - you can't set particular programs to specific desktops in this demo - but it gives you a good idea of the benefits of multiple desktops. The 3D cube, activated with a hot key, and rotated with the mouse gives Deskspace its 'wow factor'. It's fast, smooth, great to look at and is sure to impress people!

With Deskspace you can open programs and files on different desktops (or deskspaces), meaning you'll feel less cluttered. The developers suggest assigning different desktops different tasks, and you could also set different wallpapers up on your desktops and change depending on your mood.

When inactive, Deskspace is surprisingly light on resources, but if you are using a lot of applications, activating the cube could push your processor a bit. Having six deskspaces will not solve performance issues - if your machine struggles with multitasking hungry applications, this won't help!

It is the desk clutter that's the clincher with Deskspace. Once you're used to having more than one desktop it really is hard to go back, and coupled with the sexy 3D interface this makes Deskspace a really attractive package.

Deskspace combines functionality and almost hypnotic beauty rarely seen in Windows. Check it out!

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  • by Anonymous

    Once again a software that is ruined because its a trial.
    Deskspace is a very nice software and i would suggest ...   More